With its 60 hectares, the Reiterpfad forms a large terrace sloping only slightly to the east-southeast, which was formed over thousands of years from red sandstone rubble of the Haardt Mountains. Due to the exposed location and the slightly higher distance to the forest edge, the Reiterpfad benefits from very long sunlight from early morning to late evening. Since the Haardt Mountains are very enclosed from Ruppertsberg to Wachenheim, the vineyards are well protected from the wind. Our Reiterpfad Riesling is composed of the Gewann Hofstück, classified as VDP.Große Lage, and three other Gewannen. These are located closer to the forest edge and therefore are a little bit cooler and more humid. Altogether this gives a perfect balance.

Classification: 57 ha, VDP.Erste Lage
Area in the winery: 0.9 ha
Direction: east-southeast
Altitude: 140-155 m
Slope: 5%
Soil: Sandstone gravel
Year of planting the vines: 1989 and 1999
Harvest: 100% selective hand harvest into small boxes
Aging: spontaneous fermentation, in stainless steel and large wooden barrel