After more than 16 years of organic and biodynamic cultivation we can say: the soil is fuller Live and the roots grow deeper. The vineyards have thus reached their equilibrium. The vines only bear as many grapes as they can support. This allows us to harvest healthy grapes in several passes year after year. Working in harmony with nature is the basis for production authentic vineyard wines and thus the Renaissance  big vineyards.

“Biodiversity is a prerequisite for the balance between nature and culture. Preserving this diversity is our whole endeavor"

Steffen Christman


The more varied it blooms, the better. A variety of clover, coriander, mustard, dill, mallow, yarrow, chamomile & co in our rows of vines breaks up the monoculture. The roots loosen the soil, earthworms feel comfortable and increase fertility. Hedges and trees at the edge of the vineyards are habitats for insects and birds. They ensure biological diversity. Beneficial insects help us to keep the vines healthy. 

"great wines can only be made in harmony with nature."

Sophie Christman

Biodynamic preparations, greening, compost and a lot of manual work.


 Biodynamics has not only changed our vineyards, but above all us and our view of our vines. It closes the circle between people and origin. We base our work on the phases of the moon, use biodynamic preparations and produce our own compost. Because of our low yields, our vines don’t need as much nutrition. With our compost, which we produce from manure, green waste, pomace and straw, we primarily improve the soil structure and increase the water storage capacity of the soil through long-term humus build-up. We distribute the compost in the vineyards in the spring and then only work it in lightly. So we leave the main work to the earthworms and microorganisms.