Aus den Lagen Kollektion quer


In our report “Our wine year” we report every spring about news, our thoughts and the past vintage.

Another turbulent year lies behind us. In times of upheaval, priorities become more clear. This was also the case for us. We want to work even more focused, to concentrate on what makes us different and what we stand for. That’s why we looked very carefully at the question of what we want to use our time for and came to the conclusion that our estate should change. On the way to even more focus and precision, We are taking big steps with this vintage.


Steffen Christmann


Anyone who has known us for a long time knows that we are a real family winery. At the moment the 6th, 7th and 8th generation are working together in our estate. Each generation has its own challenges and priorities, but all share the same understanding of the winemaking profession: work and everyday life are determined by nature. The focus is always on the vine. Together with our team we strive for perfection. That is why we are on the way to the ideal size of our estate, which allows us to be able to personally accompany all decisive moments of production. This also means that in future we will only limit ourselves to the grape varieties that produce the finest wines in the region: Riesling and Pinot Noir, on par with the best wines in the world.


The Mittelhaardt is our home. The fate of our family has always been closely linked to our vineyards. In recent years we have focused on getting back to the core of what really defines our vineyards. Limestone, as a connecting element, unites almost all of our soils. Not least because of this, the Neustadter Vogelsang was a perfect addition to our estate. The classification of the VDP on the one hand and the focus on soil and terroir with the means of biodynamics on the other hand helped us to fathom the essence of the vineyards.

This was folled by a process of thorough evaluation. This led to a focussing of the work and thus inevitably also of the product range. With our hands we want to create valuable wines that differ from others. The resource “vineyard” is a finite factor. And because we know the value of our vineyards, we know that they should be even more in the spotlight than before.

It is not always easy to meet our precise requirements. In recent years we have noticed that we would like to have even more focus. While almost everything around us is getting bigger and bigger, we have therefore decided to downsize the winery again. This allows us to concentrate our strength on what is really important to us: our vineyards in the best sites. Little by little, vineyards were passed away so that we can say today:



From spring 2022, our range will therefore change fundamentally. Instead of the Guts- and Ortsweine, there is now only one other wine per variety besides our single vineyard wines. These wines are from our best sites, handpicked, spontaneously fermented and carefully composed. They stand for our way of making wine, our aim and our origin. The basis of our new range “Aus den Lagen” is formed by all the estate’s classified vineyards with their soils and microclimates, which are situated on a length of five kilometers along the Haardtrand. Our “Aus den Lagen” series, which comes exclusively from classified VDP.ERSTE and VDP.GROSSE LAGEN, corresponds to a classic “second vin” in an international comparison.

With the new wines, we can put our focus on wines from individual sites – true to our motto ‘Terroir down to the cellar’ – even more consistently. Since the wines come from “the sites”, i.e. the best classified vineyards in our region, the name was obvious.

The wines:


September 19 – October 14, 2021

A year of hard work that paid off. It was certainly not an easy season. The cool, rather wet summer, which would not have been unusual in the past, was very challenging. A variety of additional work and some extra effort from dusk till dawn were necessary to allow the grapes to ripen healthily. However, a sunny late summer brought the necessary warmth so that the harvest could start in mid-September. Thanks to the long ripening time on the vine, we were able to harvest very aromatic grapes with brilliant acidity. After rapid spontaneous fermentations, the wines are now in the barrel and inspire us with their expressive tension.

Especially for the Mittelhaardt in the Palatinate, the cool vintages, such as 1998, 2004 or 2008, are the particularly big ones, because even in those vintages the grapes get perfectly ripe. Concentrated, mineral wines with invigorating acidity. A year that we will certainly be talking about for many years to come with its classic, streamlined nature.