We know exactly what we stand for. Best sites in the Palatinate Mittelhaardt, since generations. Riesling and Pinot Noir from our own self-managed vineyards, in harmony with nature.


225 years shape our actions and our self-conception. We have clear values that determine how we deal with our heritage  and help us to make incisive and future-related decisions. We do not think in terms of quarterly figures or annual financial statements, but over decades. Sustainable and resource-saving work is the logical  consequence of our endeavor to pass on the estate to future generations in the best possible condition. 

Each generation has its challenges and ideas, but all share the same understanding of the winemaking profession: work and everyday life are determined by nature. The focus is always on the  vineyard and on the wine. Together with our team, we strive for perfection. 


Steffen has 25 years of experience and knows every step in the winery. The rebirth of the great Mittelhaardter Riesling is his passion. Sophie has been involved since 2018. Before, she studied and gathered ideas in other wineries around the world. Together we stand for the 7. and 8th generation in a long chain.

The cooperation of the generations sometimes leads to discussions. However, what is much more important is the common conviction, to be satisfied only with the best. To make only what we really know: Namely, traditionally produced wines that tell of their origins in the Palatinate, since 1798.

"The focus is always on the vineyard and on the wine. Together, we strive for perfection."

Steffen Christmann


1798. The French Republic got a foothold in the department of Mont Tonnerre, in the commune of Gimmeldingen. The affiliation to France with its new order brought profound changes to the Palatinate. At the age of 23 years, Georg Köhler was full of confidence. He seized the opportunity that the Republic offered to the dependent winegrowers of the Haardt and acquired the land that his ancestors had previously farmed for the authorities. His son Philip expanded the estate considerably. An eventful history followed.


Today we are still a family winery, but our work would not be possible without our dedicated employees They are our right and left hand in the cellar, the vineyard and when it comes to the contact with our customers. The common conviction to be satisfied only with the best is the basis of our work.


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