Our family has been working in the vineyards around Gimmeldingen since the 16th century. 1798, the French Revolution changes the Palatinate, one of our ancestors takes the chance and founded our winery. The experience of more than 220 vintages is passed on from generation to generation and is the basis of our work. Today we are still a family winery, but our work would not be possible without our committed employees. They are our right and left hand in the cellar, in the vineyard and in contact with our customers. Our work is based on the common belief that we can only be satisfied with the best.


Steffen has 25 years of experience and knows every step of the way in the winery. The rebirth of the great Mittelhaardter Riesling is his passion. Sophie has only really been involved since 2018, before that she studied and collected ideas in other wineries around the world. Still supported by Fritz, who is celebrating his 92nd birthday this year, we stand for the 6th, 7. and 8th generation in a long chain. The cooperation of the generations sometimes leads to discussions. Much more important, however, is the shared conviction that we are only satisfied with the best. Only making what we can really do: namely traditionally produced wines that tell of their origins in the Palatinate since 1798.


Many generations have shaped our winery and passed on to us what defines the business today: vineyards in the best locations in Mittelhaardt.

The first traces of our family can be found in the Gimmeldingen church books. Friedrich Köhler, winemaker and court man is mentioned for the first time. With him begins a long line of ancestors.
The Palatinate is part of the French Republic. The nobility fled and the churches were relieved of their sovereign rights. The young Gimmeldinger "Wingertsmann" Georg Köhler now uses the opportunity to acquire his Wingerte, which his family has leased since 1580, freed from the official burdens and to considerably expand the area from confiscated goods.
In 1845 the cousins Johann Martin and Prof. Dr. Ludwig Häusser, the brick manufacturer and professor of history at Heidelberg University, a summer residence. Out of pure hobby, a smaller winery is established in Gimmeldingen. In 1873 Herrmann Häusser married Marie Köhler, the granddaughter of Georg, who had risen from Wingertsmann to become a landowner. Together they expanded the estate considerably.
Her daughter Henriette marries Eduard Christmann. A happy, prosperous time for the estate and the family with their three sons. The First World War brought that to an abrupt end. Eduard and his eldest son die. It is a difficult time for Henriette and her third son Arnold. Inexperienced, they lead the estate through the period of occupation, trade barriers and inflation. The Nazi era and the Second World War are also a difficult era. Unfortunately, half of the vineyards are lost.
Arnold, who would have preferred to become an architect so much, hands over the ailing business to Karl-Friedrich, known as Fritz, and his wife Gisela. A difficult time of construction begins. But in the end they lead the estate back to being among the best in the region and in 1992 to the VDP.
Steffen takes over the estate with his wife Daniela. A renaissance begins, vineyards are acquired, where simpler sites can be exchanged for the best. The great dry Riesling, the flagship wine of Mittelhaardt, comes into focus.
The conviction matures that only biodynamically cultivated vines produce grapes of the finest quality. The terroir can only be tasted when the soil and the entire vineyard are revived. The conversion to biodynamic viticulture begins. Since 2015 we have been a member of Respect Biodyn.
With Sophie, the 8th generation enters the winery. After her studies in Geisenheim and Bordeaux and practical stations in an der Nahe, in France and Australia, she sets accents with Pinot Noir and was named Discovery of the Year by Vinum with her first vintage.
The decision has been made. We want to be even more focused. The winery is getting smaller again. Only VDP.Erste and VDP.Große Lagen are managed. Only Riesling and Pinot Noir, the major varieties of the Palatinate, grow here. Only the best is our goal.

Only in a team are we strong and motivate each other to GIVE EVERYTHING.


Today we are still a family winery, but our work would not be possible without our committed employees. They are our right and left hand in the cellar, in the vineyard and in contact with our customers. Our work is based on the common belief that we can only be satisfied with the best.

Florian Hoffman
His great passion for the best wines from our house shows him how to give everything in the vineyard and cellar. His training as a winemaker and his studies in viticulture and oenology gives him the best basis to lend a hand and to early on our production team.
Her extensive experience in top gastronomy and the passion for fantastic wine with the best dishes form the perfect basis for being the ambassador of our wines. For many years she has been the contact person for our customers in the vinotheque.
He has been part of our team since 2021 and mainly supports in the basement. Coming from a Mittelhaardter winegrowing family, he shares our passion for fine wines. His great precision is one of the foundations of our work. But he also enjoys the vineyard.
She has been a mainstay in the office for many years. Wherever things get complicated, with export processing or the administration of employees and seasonal workers, she works diligently and is also available as a contact person for our customers.