Aus den Lagen

Pinot Blanc

From spring of 2022 our assortment changed profoundly. Instead of the estate and village wines, there is now, in addition to our single vineyard wines, only one more wine per variety. These wines come from our best sites, are hand-picked, spontaneously fermented and carefully blended. They represent our way of making wine, our ambition and our origin.
The basis of our wine line “Aus den Lagen” are all estate-owned, classified vineyards with their soils and microclimates, which are located on a length of almost five kilometers along the Haardtrand. Our “Aus den Lagen” series, which comes exclusively from classified VDP.ERSTEN and VDP.GROSSEN LAGEN, thus corresponds to a classic “Second Vin” in international comparison. With this new wine line, we can implement our focus on wines of origin from clearly defined single vineyards – true to our motto “Terroir down to the cellar” – even more consistently. Since the wines come “Aus den Lagen”, the best vineyards of our region, the name was obvious.

From old vines in the Gimmeldinger Schlössel and our Pfarrwingert we harvest a Pinot Blanc with expression and depth. Thanks to warm and cloudy fermentation in the new double piece, a spicy, elegant Pinot Blanc has emerged.