The core of the Ölberg site, the Hart, is located around the Ölberg chapel and is classified as a VDP.Grosse Lage. The soil is characterized by very heavy tertiary calcareous marl, the so-called terra fusca. In the topsoil it is mixed with red sandstone rubble. The vineyard is located high up on the edge of the Haard, at the exit of the Klausental of the Pfälzerwald. As a result, it is in the sun early in the morning, but just as early in the evening it is in the shade of the mountains and in a nightly stream of cool air from the valley. In the Mount of Olives, in the oldest part of the Gewann Hart, has long been our auction wine “Chapel”. Since 2020 we press from the whole Gewann the VDP.Grosse Gewächs Ölberg-Hart. A fantastic wine. Slightly reductive, long and cool.

Classification: 6 ha, VDP.Große Lage
Area in the winery: 0.8 ha
Direction: east-southeast
Altitude: 178-197 m
Slope: 10%
Soil: Terra Fusca – Tertiary Limestone
Year of planting the vines: 1989
Harvest: 100% selective hand harvest into small boxes
Aging: spontaneous fermentation in large wooden barrels