As early as 1456, the “Mersbin” is mentioned in the interest book of the monks of the monastery of Weissenburg in Alsace as the origin of excellent wines. Even today, this vineyard is considered the best site in Gimmeldingen. Until 2014 we used the name Mandelgarten (Almond Orchard), and from the 2015 vintage we have returned to the historical name of the site: Meerspinne. It is located on a foothill that slopes southeast towards the Rhine. Located at the end of the Gimmeldinger Valley, the microclimate is characterized by large day-night differences, which are caused by the nightly flow of cold air from the Palatinate Forest and ensure fine acids and freshness. The hill consists of massive limestone in the subsoil. On this limestone ridge, a mixture of downslope eroded red sandstone rubble and calcareous loess was deposited over centuries.

Classification: 7 ha, VDP.Große Lage
Area in the winery: 1.1 ha
Direction: east-southeast
Altitude: 149-165 m
Slope: 5%
Soil: Red sandstone and loess on limestone
Year of planting the vines: 1995
Harvest: 100% selective hand harvest into small boxes
Aging: spontaneous fermentation in large wooden barrels