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VDP. Erste Lage

Königsbacher_Ölberg_Spätburgunder Flaschenfoto

The Ölberg is located right next to the northern part of the Idig. The vineyards are located on a fairly high level of elevation by the edge of the Haardt with an inclination to the east-southeast. Thanks to this the vines catch the first sunbeams early in the morning. Especially on hot days, the early shade of the mountains then allows the vines to relax. Air currents from the neighboring Klausental valley of the Pfälzerwald forest make for additional cooling at night. The soil of the Königsbacher Ölberg is characterized by tertiary lime marl, the so-called terra fusca. In the topsoil, it is mixed with red sandstone boulders. In the 2018 vintage, we grafted on half of the old vines in our parcel using French clones. The density and flavor of the French clones paired with the finesse and elegance of the old vines lends great suspense to the wine.

Classification: 25 ha, VDP.Erste Lage

Area in the winery: 0.5 ha

Orientation: East-southeast

Altitude: 165-173 m

Tilt: 5%

Soil: Terra Fusca -Tertiary limestone with loam and clay

Age of the vines: 33 years

Harvest: 100% selective hand picking in small boxes

Vinification: Spontaneous fermentation, 25% whole bunches

Harvested: September 13, 2019

Barrel maturation: Until February 2021, 10% new wood

Bottled: May 2021