Gimmeldinger Schlössel


The manor house Hildenbrandseck, located in the neighborhood and formerly belonging to the Idig, gave its name to the Schlössel (Castle). The location adjoins the vineyard Meerspinne to the north. The gentle slope towards the east is slightly tilted to the north. The influence of the cold air from the Gimmeldingen Valley is clearly weakened here, but still noticeable. The soil consists of a mixture of the calcareous loess of the Meerspinne and red sandstone rubble. The vineyard was re-grafted to Pinot Noir in 2017. Two years later, the vines have had enough time to grow together, resulting in beautiful Pinot Noir grapes. The wine captivates with its charming cherry fruit and spicy nature. From the 2019 vintage we present for the first time a VDP.Erstes Gewächs.

Classification: 19 ha, VDP. Erste Lage
Area in the winery: 0.9 ha
Orientation: East
Altitude: 141-146 m
Slope: 6%
Soil: loess and gravelly red sandstone
Year of planting the vines: 2000
Harvest: 100% selective hand harvest into small boxes
Maturation: spontaneous fermentation, 10% whole bunches