The Kapellenberg owes its name to the Chapel of St. Nicholas located below the site. The vineyard is located on a southeastern slope of a high foothill of the Haardt Mountains, at the exit of the Gimmeldingen Valley. The nighttime influx of cold air from this valley in the Palatinate Forest leads to higher day-night temperature differences, making the Kapellenberg a cool, taut and herbaceous Riesling. The site continues the VDP.Große Lage Meerspinne directly upslope to the west. The hill consists in its deeper layers of limestone, which, however, is covered by the terrace gravel of red sandstone eroded over many thousands of years from above into the Rhine plain.

Classification: 34 ha, VDP.Erste Lage
Area in the winery: 2.8 ha
Direction: east-southeast
Altitude: 165-185 m
Slope: 8%
Soil: Red sandstone gravel on limestone
Year of planting the vines: 1991
Harvest: 100% selective hand harvest into small boxes
Aging: spontaneous fermentation, 2/3 in large wooden barrels