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VDP. Erste Lage

The Kapellenberg owes its name to the Nikolaus chapel situated below the site. The vineyard is located on the south-east downward slope of a high foothill of the Haardt mountains, at the mouth of the Gimmelding valley. The nocturnal flow of cold air from this valley in the Pfälzerwald forest engenders greater temperature differences between day and night. This makes the Kapellenberg a cool, tight and herbaceous Riesling. The site forms the western uphill continuation of the VDP.Große Lage Meerspinne. In its deeper layers, the hill consists of limestone, which is covered by the red sandstone terrace gravel that has eroded from above into the Rhine Valley over thousands of years.

Classification: 34 ha, VDP.Erste Lage

Area in the winery: 2.8 ha

Orientation: East-southeast

Altitude: 165-185 m

Tilt: 8%

Soil: Red sandstone gravel on lime

Age of the vines: 30 years

Harvest: 100% selective hand picking in small boxes

Vinification: Spontaneous fermentation, 2/3 in large wooden barrels

Harvested: 13 October 2021

Bottled: July 2022