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VDP. Große Lage

Ölberg-Hart GG

The core of the Ölberg site, the Hart, is located around the Ölberg wayside chapel and classified as VDP.Grosse Lage. The soil is characterized by very heavy tertiary lime marl, the so-called terra fusca. In the topsoil it is mixed with red sandstone boulders. The vineyard is located high up on the edge of the Haardt mountains, at the mouth of the Klausental valley in the Pfälzerwald forest. As a result, the vineyard catches sunlight early in the morning, but receives shade just as early in the evening from the mountains and a cooling nightly air current from the valley. In the Ölberg vineyard, the oldest part of the open-field system Hart, our auction wine “Kapelle” originated for a long time. Since 2020 we have been putting the entire area towards pressing the VDP. Großes Gewächs Ölberg-Hart. A fantastic wine. Slightly reductive, long and cool.

Classification: 6 ha, VDP.Große Lage
Area in the winery: 0.8 ha
Orientation: East-southeast
Altitude: 178-197 m
Tilt: 10%
Soil: Terra Fusca -Tertiary Limestone
Age of the vines: 32 years
Harvest: 100% selective hand picking in small boxes
Vinification: Spontaneous fermentation in large wooden barrels
Harvested: October 11, 2021
Bottled: July 2022