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Gimmeldinger Meerspinne GG

As early as 1456, the monks of the Weißenburg monastery in Alsace designated the “Mersbin” as the origin of excellent wines in their interest book. To this day this vineyard is considered to be the best location in Gimmeldingen. While until 2014 we used the name Mandelgarten, we decided to revert to the historical name of the site with the 2015 vintage: Meerspinne. The site is located on a foothill that slopes down to the south-east towards the Rhine. Positioned at the entrance to the Gimmeldingen valley, the microclimate is characterized by large temperature differences between day and night arising from the nocturnal flow of cold air from the Pfälzerwald forest. In the wine, this translates into fine acids and freshness. The hill’s subsoil consists of massive limestone. On this limestone ridge a mixture of red sandstone boulders which eroded down the slope and wind-blown calcareous loess has deposited over centuries.

Classification: 7 ha, VDP.Große Lage
Area in the winery: 1.1 ha
Orientation: East-southeast
Altitude: 149-165 m
Tilt: 5%
Soil: Red sandstone and loess on lime
Age of the vines: 26 years
Harvest: 100% selective hand picking in small boxes
Vinification: Spontaneous fermentation in large wooden barrels
Harvested: 9 October 2021
Bottled: July 2022