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Aus den Lagen_Weißburgunder Flaschenfoto

From spring 2022, our range will therefore change fundamentally. Instead of the Gutsweine and Ortsweine, from now on there is, in addition to our single site wines, only one other wine per variety. These wines are from our best sites, handpicked, spontaneously fermented and carefully composed. They stand exemplary for our wine making style, our aspirations and our heritage.

The line “Aus den Lagen” stems from wines of all the estate’s classified vineyards with their soils and microclimates, located on an almost five kilometers long stretch along the Haardt mountain range. The “Aus den Lagen” line, produced solely from classified VDP.ERSTE and VDP.GROSSE LAGEN, is equivalent to the classic “second vin” in an international comparison. This new line allows us to focus on wines from clearly defined individual locations with even more rigour – true to our motto “Terroir down to the cellar”. Since the wines are from our sites, i.e. the guaranteed best vineyards in our region, the name “Aus den Lagen” was a natural choice.

We harvest a Pinot Blanc with expressivity and depth from old vines in the sites Gimmeldinger Schlössel and Pfarrwingert. Warm and cloudy fermentation in a new 2.400 litre wine barrel, brought forth a spicy, elegant Pinot Blanc.

In our report “Our Wine Year” you can delve even deeper into our thoughts that led to the creation of this line: